Audvance boards for your classic Revox

Audvance will later this year release a number of new boards for Revox tape recorders.

Audvance high-end equipment

PA20 monoraul power amplifiers

The PA-20 wide bandwidth monoraul power amplifiers provide the most natural and uncoloured sound one can imagine. They do not impress with huge power numbers, but they do impress by presenting music the way it is recorded. These amplifiers are balanced, single ended and are way higher biased than regular Class A amplifiers are. We name this Class A+. While the PA-20 amplifiers supply 30 Watts RMS of very pure power into any practical load, they draw over 500 Watts of power from the mains each. The unusual high bias currents are used to create a very linear amplifier that requires no unwanted overall feedback and still has a low output impedance. This linearity results in very low levels of harmonic distortion and practical absence of any other forms of distortion. The PA-20 will drive your speakers to new heights, including low impedance designs. A DC-servo tightly controls the offset on the outputs.

PH-1 Phono Amplifier

The PH-1 wide bandwidth phono amplifier is a dual mono design with separate power supplies for both channels. It will give the best match with any cartridge with its many load settings for both resistance and capacitance. The signal path is built around discrete components only and the signal path is extremely short, resulting in amazing transparency. Overall feedback it not applied in this class-A design. The PH-1 has RCA inputs and outputs only.

CPA-1 Control and Power Amplifier

The CPA-1 amplifier is a combination of a wide bandwidth control amplifier and a power amplifier in one cabinet. It is a balanced design from input to output with a short signal path for the most transparent sound. No overall feedback is applied. It features two balanced inputs. The signals from the three RCA unbalanced inputs are converted in the first stage to balanced signals. All inputs are switched with relays, just like the advanced 24 steps volume control. The power amplifier produces 25 Watts RMS in pure class A per channel. A DC-servo tightly controls the offset on the outputs of the power amplifier. A standby switch is available to lower power consumption during interrupted listening. The amplifier is protected against elevated DC levels on the outputs, excessive output currents and overheating.

The control amplifier can be used standalone by turning the power amplifier in standby and using the preamplifier outputs rather than the loudspeaker outputs. Both balanced and RCA preamplifier outputs are available. As a control amplifier it pairs perfectly with the PA-20 mono power amplifiers or any other power amplifier of your choice.

A little history

Audio has always been in my blood since I was a 14-year old boy, building my first speakers with some help of my father who was a woodworker. At a very early age I knew that I wanted to study electrical engineering and so I did after I finished high school. I studied in Delft and did my master in analog electronics. Professionally I designed electronics for microchips but audio was my main area of interest. Over the years I designed many speaker systems, both for myself and for others. At a later stage I also designed and built various other items like turntables, amplifiers, tape recorder electronics and many other items. And of course the Audvance high-end components shown on this site. Below you can find pictures of a selection of these various projects ...

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About Us

Audvance amplifiers and boards are designed and handbuilt by Emile de Vlieger in The Netherlands. He is a specialist in analog electronic circuit design and started his career in 1990 at Philips Electronics, designing electronics for microchips. After 11 years with Philips he started his first audio company. In 2017 he started the brand Audvance Audio.